SMILETM It’s Monday! is a transformational leadership programme for the 21st century

How does SMILETM  revolutionalise your leadership?

The world needs inspiring and engaged leaders and employees who feel valued and fulfilled at work. SMILETM It’s Monday! is a global leadership movement and cultural change program to inspire, motivate and engage the next generations of leaders we need to build a better future for us all.

The program can be delivered via in-person, online or hybrid setting, depending on the needs of the clients. There will be a two-week interval between modules to allow practice and embodiment of the new tools learned. Clients may choose one of the options available:
1. 5 x full-day programme
2. 5 x half-day programme
3. Modular programme/s

1. Aspiring leaders
2. First-time leaders
3. Experienced leaders who want to be more effective
4. Individuals who seek a more meaningful and fulfilling life

Using evidence-based strategies from organisational psychology within a given cultural context, SMILETM It’s Monday programme adopts a “live it to learn it model”- we understand that the best learning happens when we reflect and make sense of our experience. We aim for the participants to embody the learning and have the confidence to apply learnt techniques on an intrapersonal, interpersonal and systems level.

We employ innovative learning techniques to engage participants, including (but not limited to):
1. Strength profiling tools
2. Strengths cards
3. Individual leadership journal
4. Demonstrations, role plays, and/or theatre
5. Audio/video materials

1. Leadership & talent development
2. Diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI)
3. Employee wellbeing & resilience
4. Team engagement, communication & collaboration
5. Individual & team coaching
6. Counselling & psychotherapy services

Programme details

5-module leadership journey to inspire self and others:



In this module we look at using strengths to increase awareness of self and others. Understanding what effective leadership means, participants will reflect on their own leadership journey and identify gaps in becoming more effective leaders. Participants gain confidence to inspire and motivate their teams by becoming more fluent in strengths language.

Mindset & Communication

We explore how a growth mindset separates effective leaders from their peers. Tapping on the growth mindset, participants learn the impact of diverse communication styles and apply the CARE model to help build relationships that build trust and connection. The module will tackle managing difficult conversations and delivering effective feedback that encourages growth and engagement, all through leveraging the strengths of their team members.

Inspire Through Coaching

Here is where we develop leaders as coaches. We take participants through the coaching process to understand what it means to have a coaching mindset to elicit performance. No leaders can lead without coaching skills in the 21st century, and this module imparts vital knowledge and skills in bringing out the best in their team members.

Lead Through Coaching

This module breaks down some critical coaching skills that are not just good for coaching but equally important in leadership. We look at powerful questions, active listening, presence, silence and strengths-based coaching to empower their team members. We strengthen participants' confidence in conducting coaching conversations.


Here we develop leaders who inspire hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism, the psychological capital essential for an effective leader. This module looks at a 4D pathway to success. It also prepares leaders about potential obstacles and strategies to overcome them for success.

What our participants say

Roseline Tan

Growth Manager
Love, Bonito

The training sessions have helped me to discover my potential as a leader and reframe my perspectives on how to best lead a team!

Vicole Lang

Senior Product Development Manager
Love, Bonito

The SMILETM Leadership Programme had been so insightful, breaking down different aspects of leadership into bite size pieces. Like the communication CARE model, giving effective feedback as well as coaching, which really helped me both on a personal level and at the workplace with my team. I would be referring to my SMILETM notes long after this training!

Liu Tingzhi

VP of Design & Development
Love, Bonito

The SMILETM leadership sessions have been SO AMAZING! They're game-changers ❤️ Earlier in the week of training, I was facing some challenges at work, affecting my stress levels even after hours. After a module on the value of coaching with practice sessions, I could reframe, see a different perspective and have a clear way forward. SMILETM has inspired me to look into accessing consistent professional coaching!

Enozva Dwi Razuary

Retail & Operations Manager
Love, Bonito, Indonesia

The SMILETM leadership is a very thoughtful program #LB has made to all #LBleads in all markets. It’s been a powerful platform for me to be open to how the leadership journey is actually not all about the perfect leader we could be all the time but also how we can be imperfect as a leader, which is ok. This platform allows us to share the blockers we face and how we can overcome them when they arise. The most exciting part for me is the coaching one. I have never known how a coach can impact leadership skills and how effective it is!

Felicia Salim

Sr. FP&A Analyst
Love, Bonito, Indonesia

It empowers me to be a compassionate and authentic leader. It taught me three valuable lessons: communication, CARE framework, coaching, and being present. The facilitators were inclusive of the people joining virtually. I get the same level of engagement as people offline.

Simone Lai

Assistant Manager Channel Development
Love, Bonito, Malaysia

These sessions helped me gain self-confidence and be more self-aware by discovering different ways to become a leader. This training has also been an excellent reminder whenever I feel stuck in my leadership journey. The training encouraged me to be open and to build relationships with people despite our differences and opinions.

Our team